Monday, October 31, 2011

Photo 2 Lesson 1

In our first class together we introduced ourselves and reviewed our camera settings.

We then had a look at your photos and discussed what they say about you and your own personal style/approach to photography.

Assignment #1

Part 1: Technical

The purpose of this assignment is to see how your camera performs at different ISOs. We will specifically look at the change in detail as well as the amount of digital noise that appears at each ISO.

With the subject and framing the same for each photo, take one shot for every full stop ISO your camera has (eg. 200, 400, 800, etc.). It is important to choose a scene or subject that has some highlights, mid-tones and shadows.

Remember to make your meter happy at each ISO. To help you remember which frame was at what ISO, place a little piece of paper in the scene with the corresponding ISO written on it.

In class we will discuss the appearance of each ISO your camera has.
Have a look at your images on your favorite editing program (ie lightroom or aperture or iphoto etc). Make sure to magnify the image to get a close look at the grain!

Part 2: Creative
Listed below are 6 subjects (3 people, 3 non-people). Dedicate at least 5 frames to each of a minimum 4 of the subjects listed below (you choose which ones). Take them anyway that you like. Make them your own. The only criteria is that they should be related to the given topic. Bring in your top 15 images as a4x6 prints.

People: Close-up, Lonely, Household Chores
Things: Trees, Doors, Cloudscapes

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